Fra Fee, his cat Buckley, and the 2011/2012 London cast of Les Mis

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Fra Fee ‏@frafee
Marius, Courfeyrac and Gavroche…in somewhat smarter garb..!


Marius, Courfeyrac and Gavroche…in somewhat smarter garb..!

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Fra Fee on Alan Simpson 21/12/12


Interview starts at around 18.40, Fra talks the Les Mis film and sings Empty Chairs at Empty Tables! He talks future projects, which include Follies in Toulon, France and playing Robbie in A Man of No Importance.

11:36 am


Featurette on “Paris on Pinewood” - at about 53 seconds in you will be able to see Fra’s face (for once) and see/hear a bit of singing.

“Students, workers, everyone, there’s a river on the run…”

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I spy a hobbit. And look, R firing a gun while the others do this weird dance!

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We Kiss in a Shadow (The King and I) - Fra Fee and Rosalie Craig

Something Wonderful, 11 November 2012

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